Is Your Tagline Merely An Afterthought

Posted on September 27, 2017 at 9:40 PM

A tagline is one of the most important pieces of your company’s or brand’s identity – so why it is often created last?

Think About It

A tagline isn’t just the icing on the cake – it’s your five second sales pitch.

An effective tagline should be impactful, memorable and timeless, but most times, this is easier said than done. When creating or evaluating taglines that hit the mark and make the right impression, here are three things to consider:

1. Do Your Research

Research lays the foundation for who you’re trying to reach, why you’re trying to reach them and how to reach them most effectively. It’s important to know your families inside and out before getting creative. Also, researching your competitors will provide a solid reference point for keeping your tagline distinct and original with the hearts and minds of your families.

2. Be Descriptive

Your tagline needs to communicate the heart of your organization and what separates you from your competitors. It should answer the question, “what are you all about?” and “why should I choose you?” The understanding that your tagline creates should provide a convincing first step in moving our families to act.

3. Speak Their Language

Think like your families – if you aren’t speaking their language, your tagline will fail to make a lasting connection. “Serving Families Since 1917” may be a point of pride for you and your funeral home, but all this potentially tells your families is that your funeral home is managed by a bunch of old codgers.

Crafting a tagline for your business is one of the most useful exercises a funeral home owner can perform. It forces you to think about the value you provide to your families and how to express it clearly. In the end, whether you choose to take all of these suggestions into account or just use one or two of them, these tips should have you on your way to creating a more compelling and effective tagline for your company or brand.

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